Retirement Starts Here

The header banner shows  my place ( sitio in portuguese) in Brazil to where I am going to retire.  It is in the country   in an area  some 100km from Rio de Janeiro  in an area called the Lake District ( Distrito Largo).   There is a small town   nearby  where many of my relatives  live.

A bus runs once an hour  to the town so I can visit friends and relatives  and they can visit me.


The entrance to the sitio is on the left  and the hill beside the bus  is where I can keep  goats and donkeys ( they  will keep the vegetation under control).


Although I have owned the sitio for 12 years, I have   not had the time  until now to  make the changes I would like.

With tropical sun a plenty, it is a no-brainer  to  move towards   self sufficiency  and low carbon footprint.

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